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Home Health Care in Virginia

Live Well with Home Health Care Services in Virginia

An aging population and a global pandemic have increased the need for safe, trustworthy, and economical in-home health care.

Whether you require home care assistance and companion care for yourself, a partner, or another loved one, Karma Care will be there to provide compassionate, respectful, and life-affirming help at home. Engagement is vital to well-being: our home health care services enable seniors to maintain healthier, more independent lives they truly value.

Personal Care

From dressing and bathing to mobility assistance, our home health caregivers assist clients with day-to-day health and hygiene routines.

Skilled Nursing Services

Our registered nurses provide an added layer of home health care services for clients who require more advanced medical services or monitoring.

Respite Care

We ensure continuous care for senior and disabled clients by supplementing home care services when full-time caregivers are away or unavailable.

Recreational Activities

To improve mental and physical well-being, our caregivers partake in indoor and outdoor activities and hobbies with clients during our home care visits.

Medication Management

To avoid missed doses or medication mix-ups, our caregivers pick up prescriptions, organize pills, create reminders, and supervise medication intake.

Household Help

Our basic housekeeping, laundry, meal prep, errands, and pet care services are designed to improve nutrition and maintain safer living conditions.

Concierge Services for Seniors in Virginia

Do you need additional home health care help? We also provide resources for other home care assistance through our in-home health care concierge services for seniors. These include researching transportation solutions, medical alert systems, accessibility modification services, and medical equipment. We can also connect clients with technical support, community programs, and more.

Make Life Easier

Here’s how we provide reliable, friendly, and discreet home care:

  1. Assess. During our initial home visit, we learn about the current situation and what type of home care assistance is needed.
  2. Match. We assign a caregiver who is compatible with you or your loved one’s needs and situation.
  3. Support. We provide regularly scheduled in-home health care that helps you or your loved one more fully enjoy life and maintain optimal health.
  4. Follow-up. We arrange regular meetings with a Karma Care manager to ensure your satisfaction with your home health care services and to address any changing needs or questions.

Benefits of Home Health Care in Fairfax

Home health care in Virginia lets seniors age comfortably and independently within the familiar surroundings of their own homes. Home health care Fairfax facility provides various benefits. It allows seniors to live with family members, receive skilled medical care at their doorsteps, and provide much-needed relief to primary caregivers through personal care and household assistance.

Care for Special Conditions

Whether temporary or chronic, special health conditions are more manageable with home health care assistance. Karma Care specializes in help with: 

Providing Comprehensive Diabetes Home Care for Well-being

For diabetic clients, we help manage the condition by tracking glucose, organizing medication, and monitoring wounds. We also offer preventative help with support for exercise and healthy meal planning. Get help living with diabetes

Brain Conditions

Clients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and traumatic brain injuries are safer with our frequent personal attention. We support health and the home environment with in-home personal care and housecleaning services. Our companionship and reminders help strengthen cognition and well-being. Get help living with cognitive impairment

Movement Disorders

Parkinson’s, ALS, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis patients can live independently longer when we provide custom care and mobility support. Our home care assistance helps clients stay mobile while avoiding debilitating falls. Get help living with movement disorders

Respiratory Conditions

For clients with conditions like COPD and emphysema, we assist with moving heavy oxygen tanks and running strenuous errands as well as housecleaning tasks that require exertion or involve triggering dust or fumes. Get help living with respiratory conditions

Counseling for Seniors and Mental Health Care at Home

Depression and anxiety are easier to manage with in-home health care and companionship. We help clients through difficult days with reliable meal preparation, personal hygiene reminders, and companionship activities. Get help living with mental health conditions

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