Diabetes home care

Diabetes Home Health Care in Virginia

Reduce chances of diabetes-related complications and emergencies.  

Diabetes affects every system in the body and can lead to serious complications if not properly managed. For clients trying to manage type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, our home caregivers can monitor blood sugar and secondary conditions, suggesting improvements for optimal health.

Monitor Glucose Levels

Management of diabetes in older adults includes reminding clients to test their glucose levels and track results so they’re alerted to dangerous highs and lows. Our caregivers can also help identify when a client is experiencing high or low blood sugar by recognizing behavioral signs such as fatigue, lightheadedness, irritability, confusion, or shakiness. We can also assist with identifying trends and suggesting or implementing lifestyle adjustments to prevent future highs and lows. Karma Care companions can even prepare healthy snacks for when we’re not around.

Keep Skin Healthy

Unfortunately, people living with diabetes are more susceptible to developing skin issues, as their immune system response takes longer to heal open wounds or infections. For this reason, during each diabetes home care visit, caregivers monitor existing wounds and check for any new skin issues. We can also help with personal hygiene to prevent issues from occurring. With our diabetes home care, there’s less risk of having a simple cut in a hard-to-see or hard-to-reach area become a serious medical problem.

Maintain Oral Health

Another common side effect of diabetes is an increased susceptibility to cavities, tooth decay, oral infections, and gum problems. With our diabetes management services, we help keep teeth and gums healthy by assisting with personal care tasks such as teeth brushing, flossing, and denture care. We can also listen for complaints about tooth or gum pain and share them with the client’s care team.

Monitor Hearing and Vision 

Our in-home diabetes management includes monitoring and tracking any changes in eyesight or hearing. Such changes are common concerns for adults with diabetes, but regular caregiver visits increase the likelihood of catching them earlier. If there is a concern, we will engage the health care team for a checkup.

Ensure Proper Nutrition

Eating properly is essential to diabetes management. Our caregivers are always happy to assist with meal preparation, from healthy meal ideas and menu planning to shopping for groceries, cutting or chopping ingredients, and cooking. If a client loves to cook, we can do it together for a safer, more enjoyable experience.

Organize Medication

Our home caregivers ensure diabetic clients take their prescribed medicines at the correct times, including insulin injections. We also organize medication containers and create pill reminders.

Diabetes is manageable! Contact us for diabetes home care help.
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