Home Health Care in Manassas, Virginia

Home Health Care in Manassas, Virginia

We serve Manassas, VA residents with meaningful human connection for happier, safer living by providing home health care services.

For seniors and clients with chronic health conditions in the Manassas, Virginia, area, we provide assistance to help them maintain their independence and quality of life. Karma Care’s at-home caregivers help your loved one age safely in the comfort of their home, which is right where they want to be.

Home Care Services in Manassas, VA

Personal Care

From a few hours each day to once-a-week visits, Karma Care is a care agency that designs at-home personal care plans in Manassas, Virginia, to meet individual client needs. Our in-home caregivers can help with everyday activities such as grooming, bathing, brushing teeth, toileting, and more. Equally as important, our clients benefit from the consistent and loving companionship that caregivers provide during every visit.

Skilled Nursing

Regular visits by a registered nurse bring both the necessary medical attention and peace of mind that your loved one needs. For clients with chronic conditions, our skilled nurses provide many special at-home services, including vital sign monitoring, diabetic care and injections, wound care, assistance with rehabilitative exercises, and more.

Respite Care

Full-time caregivers need breaks to re-energize and prevent burnout. If you live in or near Manassas, VA we are happy to assist with your home health care needs once a week or a few days every month so you can relax knowing that your loved one is in compassionate hands.

Recreational Activities

To improve the mental well-being and physical health of our clients, Karma Care’s in-home caregivers love to share enjoyable activities with them. Depending on a client’s wide range of mobility, this can include spending time outside in nature, doing light exercises, watching a favorite movie, crafting, or reading. We make sure that mobile clients living in or near Manassas, VA enjoy occasional outings in the area, including walks in Cannon Branch Park or visits to the Freedom Museum.

Medication Assistance

Karma Care’s home health care services include ensuring clients take their medications safely and properly to avoid missed or incorrect doses or medication mix-ups. Our professional caregivers can organize pills into containers, remove tops from prescription bottles, create medication reminders, and perform other medication-related assistance to ensure optimal health for your loved one.

Household Help & Food Preparation

To maintain inner strength and independence, seniors and those living with chronic illnesses need reliable and friendly home health care provider. Our skilled caregivers understand the importance of proper nutrition and a safe environment. We help with laundry, housecleaning, decluttering, pet care, errands, and shopping for and preparing healthy meals.

Special health conditions need special home care assistance.

Our home health care services in Manassas, VA include regular assistance to seniors and other clients with chronic health issues.


Proper diabetes management requires constant monitoring, which can be difficult for anyone, not just seniors. Our in-home caregivers can visit a client as often as needed to help manage their routine. We can offer reminders about checking blood sugar and administering insulin. Our expert caregivers can also help prepare healthy meals, organize medication, and supervise safe exercise.

Brain Conditions

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or traumatic brain injury can be overwhelming. With our elderly care services in Manassas, Virginia we can provide the attention your loved one needs while living with a brain condition. We can help clients live safely and comfortably by assisting with meal preparation, personal hygiene, and housecleaning. And with each visit, our skilled caregivers provide empathetic, loving, and respectful companionship.

Movement Disorders

People living with Parkinson’s, ALS, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis often need home health care for daily living activities. Our in-home caregivers are sensitive to the slowed pace these neuromuscular conditions require and can carefully assist with bathing, dressing, eating, and using the bathroom. They can also help with housecleaning, meal preparation, and errands as needed to ensure a safe home environment and proper nutrition.

Respiratory Conditions

Conditions like COPD and emphysema—and undergoing the necessary treatments—can take a lot of time and energy out of your loved one. Our in-home caregivers can help by assisting with at-home breathing treatments, oxygen tanks, errands, and household activities that can over-exert them or involve dust or fumes.

Depression & Anxiety

Seniors who live by themselves often experience symptoms of depression, making daily tasks feel burdensome. Whether you are looking for senior care services in Manassas, VA daily or weekly, Karma Care agency’s experienced in-home caregivers can help. After we learn about each client’s personality, we plan stimulating and enjoyable activities, lovingly assist with personal grooming and medication, and involve them with meal planning and preparation.

Why Choose Karma Care Agency in Manassas, Virginia? 

Karma Care is a care provider that is more than just one of the healthcare agencies providing home health care. It’s about creating a respectful bond, nurturing a unique friendship, and being fully present during every visit. We help our Manassas, VA clients maintain independent living, safety, contentment, dignity, and inner strength.

Home health care services - Karma Care
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