Home Health Care Services in Reston, Virginia

Home Health Care in Reston, VA

We serve Reston residents with meaningful, compassionate human connection for safer, happier living.

Karma Care’s nurturing home care assistance reduces feelings of isolation, prolongs independence. We take pride in our reliable, compassionate, and respectful in-home care to keep your loved one safe and happy in Reston, Virginia.

Home Care Services in Reston

Karma Care’s home health care in Reston begins by matching clients to a caregiver who will understand their unique needs and personality and provide the necessary services to prolong their independence and improve their sense of well-being.

Personal Care

Our customized personal care and companion services address exactly what clients need, when they need it, to remain independent, safe, and content in their homes. Our at-home caregivers can assist with everything from grooming and dressing to toileting and feeding.

Skilled Nursing

If a client has a chronic condition or is recovering from an illness or recent surgery, our licensed registered nurses can help. Karma Care’s home health care services in Reston include a wide range of skilled nursing services, including diabetic care, dressing changes, injections, medication management, vital sign monitoring, and more. Regular home visits by a skilled nurse can help reduce recovery times and bring peace of mind knowing your loved one is in good hands.

Respite Care

When you look after a loved one who requires in-home care, it’s a 24-hour job. As a primary caregiver in Reston, you need breaks to tend to your own personal needs. We can set up respite care for a few hours a day, a few days a week, or for several weeks at a time. Our at-home caregivers provide compassionate, reliable, and continuous home care when the time comes to renew your mind and energy.

Recreational Activities

Our expert caregivers can keep your loved one from feeling isolated and lonely while helping them manage cognitive health and maintain muscle strength. Some activities that stimulate our clients’ minds and keep them active include listening to music, crafting, gardening, walks in nature, watching movies, or playing card games. When possible, our caregivers enjoy taking mobile clients living near or in Reston, VA, on brief excursions to places such as Lake Anne and the Reston Art Gallery.

Medication Assistance

Modern medicine contributes to longer lifespans and improved health, but when taken incorrectly, it can cause adverse side effects or serious health complications. Our at-home health care in Reston ensures clients with brain conditions or mobility limitations take medications on time, in the right amount, and as directed. To ensure safe and correct dosing, we can help organize pills into containers and write reminders (or verbally remind the client).

Household Help & Food Preparation

To help maintain a safe and clean home, our in-home caregivers cover a wide range of housekeeping duties—from vacuuming to bathtub scrubbing—to keep the house neat and organized. And because proper meal preparation is important to maintaining optimal health, we can help plan and create meals that match a client’s specific dietary needs and food preferences.

Special health conditions need special home care assistance.

Our caregivers and nurses can help Reston seniors with many different health conditions.


Managing diabetes can be challenging for adults as they age. Karma Care’s in-home caregivers can be key to helping loved ones keep their diabetes under control. By organizing medication, planning nutritious meals, tending to wounds, and monitoring glucose, we help ensure diabetic clients’ blood sugar levels remain in a healthy range.

Brain Conditions

Karma Care believes that the right care can help clients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and traumatic brain injuries maintain a high quality of life. Our in-home caregivers in Reston create custom care plans to provide stability and compassion through personal attention, housecleaning, meal preparation, recreational activities, and daily reminders.

Movement Disorders

Our at-home caregivers help minimize clients’ frustrations with Parkinson’s, ALS, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis. Our home health care services in Reston include assisting with bathing and grooming, mobility, meal preparation, laundry, and more. We understand the challenges clients with movement disorders face and joyfully help in whatever ways we can to provide comfort and alleviate stress.

Respiratory Conditions

When a client has a pulmonary condition like COPD, emphysema, or asthma, our at-home caregivers assist with oxygen tanks, errands, and housecleaning that involves dust or fumes. To help alleviate the anxiety that often accompanies these conditions, our caregivers provide friendly companionship and engage clients in calming activities such as reading, watching TV, playing cards, or driving through a park.

Depression & Anxiety

Loneliness can impact a client’s existing depression and anxiety, which can cause them to stop eating or taking care of themselves. Karma Care understands that companionship is important for both emotional and safety reasons. We can spend quality time with your loved one while helping with meal preparation, personal grooming, and housecleaning. Our home caregivers in Reston love to bring joy to clients through recreational activities such as gardening, puzzle building, listening to music, or walking.

Why Choose Karma Care? 

Karma Care is more than just providing home health care. It’s about creating a respectful bond, nurturing a unique friendship, and being fully present during every visit. We help our Reston, VA clients maintain independence, safety, contentment, dignity, and inner strength.

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