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Household Help for Seniors in Virginia

Healthy independence means a clean home and proper nutrition.  

Get assistance with household chores to prevent cooking and cleaning injuries.

Home Help for Seniors

Aging and chronic health issues cause some simple household chores to become dangerous. Clients with respiratory issues should avoid dust, noxious cleansers, and exertion. Clients with balance problems should avoid lifting and bending. Some clients in cognitive decline shouldn’t use their stoves or operate other household machinery. We can minimize accidents by helping with household chores as part of our care visits.

Some of the household chores our caregivers help with include:

  • Washing Dishes and Cleaning Kitchens
    As our clients lose hand strength, it becomes harder for them to handle glasses and plates, and it’s really dangerous if they fumble a knife. Putting dishes away also requires reaching for high cabinets or low dishwashers. Leave your dishes in the sink, and let us handle the cleanup. 
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Bathrooms
    Cleaning bathrooms requires a lot of bending, working on hard and slippery surfaces, and exposure to harsh chemicals. Don’t risk breathing in fumes in an enclosed space; get our household help for seniors.
  • Changing Bed Linens & Doing Laundry
    Carrying baskets and leaning over low machines is a significant risk for most senior or disabled people. We can help clients with the hard parts of the task or do the entire chore. 
  • Taking Out Trash
    There’s no reason to risk a fall taking out bags of trash or recycling, especially for those with balance or mobility issues—or when there are stairs or dumpsters involved. It’s easy for us to take the trash out for you when we visit.
  • Dusting and Vacuuming
    Vacuuming requires more hand and arm strength than many elderly people have and can also aggravate tender back muscles and injuries. Both vacuuming and dusting stir up allergens and other irritants that trigger breathing problems. Just step into the other room, and let us handle it for you.
  • Pet Care
    Having a pet is life-extending for seniors, but all the care is tough. As we’re caring for our clients, we can also care for their pets: taking dogs out for walks or changing cat litter boxes, helping with feeding and making sure water bowls are clean, and giving pet medications. We know that in many cases, we’re helping our clients with their most important reason to live independently. 
  • Running Errands
    For those who can’t drive or should be driving less, not being able to “run out and pick something up” can make a person feel like a prisoner in their own home. We can run simple errands for our clients that greatly increase their feelings of control and life satisfaction.

Meal Preparation

Good nutrition is important, but the loss of coordination and hand strength can make it difficult or impossible to prepare healthy meals without help. Plus, loneliness can cause a loss of interest in both preparing meals and eating. Good nutrition, however, is essential for controlling chronic health conditions, especially diabetes and high blood pressure. We make meals easier and more enjoyable by cutting fruit and vegetables, creating single servings so clients don’t overeat or undereat, or providing mealtime companionship. We can even help our clients eat better when we’re not around, leaving one-step meals that can be safely reheated with clear, simple instructions.

Tips to Help Seniors Keep Their Houses Tidy

  • Keep cleaning supplies in easy-to-reach areas.
  • Substitute heavy vacuums for lightweight or handheld “dustbuster” models.
  • Get a Roomba or automatic vacuum/mop so minimum manual labor is needed.
  • Create uncluttered spaces and keep everything in its place.
  • Add drawer or cabinet organizers so everything can be easily put away and accessed.
  • Label cleaning sprays and solutions with large lettering so they are easy to locate and distinguish from one another.
  • Invest in an air purifier to keep the air clean and gather dust particles.

Choose Karma Care for household help for seniors in Virginia.

We’re not a cleaning service, but helping our clients care for their homes helps them remember and value why they want to live independently. Preserve healthy independence by getting assistance with household chores and or food preparation. Our housekeeping assistance for seniors is a great way for clients who need minimal help to get to know Karma Care. We combine light housekeeping and/or meal assistance with companionship and can check in every few days or weekly to help with the tasks you need. Start making your “Karma-do” list today!

Contact us for in-home health care and get help around the house for seniors.
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