Recreational Activities
Recreational activities for the elderly

Recreational Activities for Seniors in Virginia

Increase mental and physical activity to support health with recreational activities for seniors in Virginia.  

Outdoor recreational activities and indoor hobbies are known to improve mood, coordination, and cognitive ability.

Benefits of Recreational Activities for Seniors in Virginia

Recreational activities for seniors and the disabled are an important part of Karma Care’s home care assistance. Studies show that elders and people with chronic health conditions who spend time outdoors experience less depression and anxiety. We work with clients to embrace the healing power of nature by walking around a neighborhood or park, sitting on a deck or patio to enjoy a nice day, or just sitting next to a window looking out together. Indoor activities like crafting, puzzles, and playing games are recreational activities for the elderly that can reduce stress, decrease cognitive decline, and boost the immune system. Our caregivers can also help reconnect clients with their memories by enjoying photo albums with them or just listening to their stories and asking questions.

Outdoor Activities For Seniors in Virginia

When the weather is good and mobility permits (as some clients are more mobile than others), our caregivers can take clients outside. Spending time outside decreases clients’ stress and increases their serotonin and dopamine levels, improving their moods and giving them better sleep. “Bathing in nature” is proven to lower the risk of depression, which is a significant risk for elders and people with chronic health conditions. We help our clients get nature’s benefits safely, with mobility support and precautions for sun exposure. 

Examples of outdoor activities include:

  • Walking in the client’s neighborhood or a nearby park
  • Light gardening
  • Picnics (planning them is half the fun!)
  • Yard games like cornhole, croquet, or bocce ball
  • Watching a sunrise or sunset
  • Bird and squirrel watching
  • Any outdoor exercise approved or recommended by the client’s medical team

Indoor Activities for Seniors in Virginia

Our caregivers love engaging with clients by participating in fun indoor activities that can boost mood and ease feelings of loneliness or isolation. Cognitive decline from aging can negatively impact seniors’ quality of life, but studies have shown that engaging them in advanced activities of daily living (AADLs) can maintain or enhance global cognitive function or specific domains.

These are a few of the indoor recreational activities for the elderly that our clients enjoy:

  • Playing cards or board games
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Crossword puzzles or word games
  • Listening to music
  • Reading and discussing books and magazines
  • Watching TV or movies
  • Crafting

What is emotional recreation for seniors?

Emotional recreation for the elderly is just as important as physical and mental recreation. We can help stimulate memory, communication, and connection by encouraging personal activities. A few examples include:

  • Assisting our clients to create or review photo albums
  • Helping schedule and place phone or video calls with family and friends
  • Sending cards and letters

Choose Karma Care for recreational activities for seniors and companionship in Virginia.

Karma Care’s in-home caregivers listen to their clients’ needs. We strive to form a unique bond and real friendship with all of our clients, providing companionship and joy to decrease feelings of loneliness. Give us your list of favorite indoor or outdoor recreational activities that are safe and doctor-approved, and let’s have some fun! 

Recreational activities turn in-home care visits into much-anticipated social events.
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