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About Us

Caregiving is more than just providing home health care. It’s developing a respectful bond, nurturing a unique friendship, and being fully present during every visit.

Our Mission: To provide compassionate, trustworthy, and economical life-affirming support.

How We Work

We are committed to providing personal care and attention that is gentle, respectful, and reliable. Our caregivers embody these important traits:

Compassion. The ability to tune into a client’s needs and assist them to alleviate stress.

Communication. Being able to properly describe everything from daily schedules to health observations is critical. Good communication ensures that everyone gets clear and accurate information.

Positive attitude. Completing tasks is important, but attitude matters just as much—if not more. Our caregivers understand that bringing clients comfort and joy is our most important service. There is no helping without respect.

Physical strength. Because caregivers are on their feet most of the day, having a baseline level of physical strength and stamina helps maintain their own health and their client’s health.

Problem-solving skills. Plans sometimes change and/or new routines are required. We value the ability to adapt and resolve unexpected challenges.

Personal service. We thoughtfully match caregivers to your situation. Then clients and/or family members have monthly in-person check-ins with managers—separate from caregiver visits—to assure everyone’s satisfaction and communicate about care and needs.

Mountains background

“Be kind whenever possible; it is always possible.”

— The Dalai Lama

Who We Are

As Tibetan Buddhists, the Karma Care community honors others and has a cultural directive to do what is right. We believe in and live by the rules of Karma, engaging in action, speech, and thoughts consistent with the interconnectedness of life.  
KarmaCare founder Tenzin Jigme and Founding Partner Pema C.
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