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Mental Health Care for Seniors in Virginia

Ease feelings of sadness, depression, or anxiety with attentive, nurturing mental health care for seniors.

Seniors who live alone or are managing chronic health conditions often experience symptoms of depression, making daily self-care tasks feel burdensome. Empathetic caregivers can boost their moods and re-engage them in crucial self-care routines like eating and hygiene.

Increase Positivity

Mental health care for seniors can include going for a walk, enjoying a picnic, doing crafts, playing games, and much more. Visit our Recreational Activities page to see a few examples of what we do to put smiles on our clients’ faces. We can also create care packages for difficult days or personalized “activity menus” that suggest activities to lift their spirits in times when they are alone (e.g., listing friends’ names and phone numbers, directions for how to play their favorite television shows and movies, a ready-to-make crafting kit).

Accomplish Household Tasks

A tidy, clean home can reduce feelings of being overwhelmed for seniors living with mental health conditions. We help clients feel more in control by assisting them with basic chores like laundry, dusting, and cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. We can assist them in these tasks that help them take pride in their home—or do it all for them. As with all of our services, we provide companionship, interacting with clients as we work. Karma Care is not a cleaning company: we are present for our clients and performing tasks to increase their quality of life.

Encourage Nourishment

When you’re feeling down, you might not feel like eating healthy meals—or eating at all. However, good food supports good mood, so we encourage clients to eat well and mindfully. To help keep energy levels up, we can prepare ready-to-eat meal packages for days when clients are alone. We try to help our clients maintain healthy relationships with food by cooking, baking, and eating together.

Organize Medication

When those with mental health conditions begin to feel better, they sometimes decide to discontinue their medication. Then, when symptoms return, it’s difficult for them to see the link between the decline and the medication. To support clients in taking their prescribed medicines at the correct times, our mental health care for seniors includes organizing medication containers and creating dosage reminders.

Learn how our in-home care services can help with mental health.


Whether a client has situational sadness or clinical depression, we can help them fight back with companionship, routine, fresh air, and immersion in nature. Our caregivers can also help clients look for influences in their diet and habits and suggest adjustments for an upward spiral. When needed, we can also help with keeping the home clean and tidy to decrease feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.


Being a regular presence and source of comfort for our clients decreases overall anxiety, but we also help them understand and accept change in their lives. We can arrange for a caregiver to be present at a client’s most difficult times of the day (e.g., sundowning) to engage them in activities that may calm their recurring anxiety.

Counseling Services for the Elderly

Clients who suffer from severe depression or anxiety should have a licensed mental health professional on their care team. Helping connect clients to other services (therapists, support groups, other doctors or programs, etc.) is part of our concierge service. Karma Care is here to assist with what we can—and help you find whatever else you need.

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