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Condition Specific Care in Virginia

Maintain wellness longer with regular home health care visits.

Living with special conditions or chronic health issues brings constant challenges. Our nurturing caregivers provide consistent and reliable health monitoring and comforting companionship.

Providing Comprehensive Diabetes Home Care for Well-being

For diabetic clients, we assist with glucose monitoring, wound care, medication organization, and healthy meal planning. Get help living with diabetes

Brain Conditions

Clients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and traumatic brain injuries are safer with our personal carehousecleaning, and daily reminders. Get help living with cognitive impairment

Movement Disorders

Parkinson’s, ALS, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis patients can live independently longer when we provide custom care and mobility support. Get help living with movement disorders

Respiratory Conditions

For clients with conditions like COPD and emphysema, we assist with oxygen tanks, errands, and housecleaning that involves dust or fumes. Get help living with respiratory conditions

Counseling for Seniors and Mental Health Care at Home

Depression and anxiety are easier to manage when we are there to help with meal preparationpersonal hygienehousecleaning, and companion activitiesGet help living with mental health conditions

Home health care services - Karma Care
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