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Medication management assistance for seniors

In Home Medication Management Services in Virginia

Reduce the risk of medication mix-ups with medication management services for seniors in Virginia.  

Prevent accidents with In Home medication management, organization, reminders, and monitoring.

Who can benefit from “In home medication management” services in Virginia?

Elders and people with chronic health issues often take multiple medications, vitamins, and supplements to treat different conditions. Unfortunately, similar-looking pills and confusing directions can cause seniors without help to miss (or double) doses, resulting in worsening symptoms or other potentially more serious health risks. In addition, medications change with health conditions, and temporary conditions further complicate a person’s medication management system with new short-term medications that need to be added and then stopped. 

Clients with dementia or Alzheimer’s benefit most from in home medication management services, but all seniors benefit from having a second set of eyes. Our caregivers can do medication sorting, give reminders to take medications, and watch for or monitor potential side effects and adverse reactions. The Karma Care team is here to help with a wide range of care plans.

What does In Home Medication Management Entail?

Karma Care’s in-home caregiving experts can assist with many tasks related to ‘In Home medication Management Services‘ for adults and seniors, including:

  • Ordering refills or picking up prescription drugs.
  • Removing pills from hard-to-open packaging or containers.
  • Medication organization and distributing tablets into pill organizers.
  • Splitting pills or crushing medication for combining with food or water.
  • Setting up reminders to take medication.
  • Ensuring proper medicines and dosages are taken.
  • Alerting physicians about skipped doses, overdoses, or medication mix-ups.
  • Alerting physicians about new or unusual side effects.
  • Adjusting oxygen or nebulizer face masks.

If help with injections or physically taking medicine is needed, our RNs can assist. See our Skilled Nursing page for more information.

This list covers some but not all of our services for
our in home medication management program

We take In Home Medication Management seriously.

When used correctly, medicines can improve and lengthen your life, but when taken incorrectly or unmonitored, they can instead cause permanent damage. We help our clients appreciate the importance of correct and timely dosing. Our In Home Medication Management Services for seniors include helping clients understand when and how to take medications, sorting and packing pillboxes, and reminding clients to take their medications, vitamins, and supplements as prescribed. We are also vigilant about watching for possible symptoms and side effects and reporting problems to the client’s medical team.

Choose Karma Care’s medication management services in Virginia.

Our compassionate caregivers truly care about our clients’ mental health condition, physical health, quality of life, and safety, so we don’t want to see them get hurt from missing their doses or mixing up medications. Our attention to detail helps ensure that medications are accurately dosed and properly taken, and we’ll always alert the caretaking team if we notice a client experiencing a possible medication unwanted side effect.

Avoid medication mix-ups: get medication management services for seniors today.
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