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Elderly Care in Virginia

Improve health and safety with elderly care services and regular personal care services in Virginia.

Professional caregivers provide a meaningful human connection while assisting with mobility and overall wellness in daily personal care activities.

What can personal home care services do for you and your loved ones?

Maintaining independence is important to most seniors. Family members usually want to support them in that goal but also want to make sure they are living safely and in good health. Karma Care’s personal care at home provides a range of services to create ideal solutions for those who need care—either for yourself or a loved one.

What is personal home care in Virginia?

Personal care solutions mean assistance with all the various tasks a person needs to take care of themselves: from physical support like hygiene help and movement assistance to cognitive support like reminders, task planning, care plans, and other types of organization that can help in senior living.

Activities such as dressing, bathing, and walking require the kind of balance and coordination that elders lose over time. Our at-home personal care services ensure safer independent living by promoting healthy habits while helping to prevent falls.

There are different types of care. Some clients need mental and emotional support more than physical help. They feel overwhelmed starting their day by themselves, or they start strong but need help getting to the day’s end in a positive, productive, relaxed way. As helpers, companions, and/or organizers, we help get the daily tasks done—and we make them more enjoyable!

Some common personal care services we provide include:

  • Bathing, hygiene, and hair care
  • Choosing clothes and dressing
  • Feeding and meal companionship
  • Toileting and incontinence care
  • Transferring and positioning
  • Mobility assistance
  • Setting up self-care routines
  • Organization

Who is eligible for at-home personal care services in Virginia?

  • Seniors and disabled people (people with disabilities) can prolong healthy independence for themselves by arranging their own at-home personal care services.
  • Those who have been caring for a partner but can no longer safely perform personal home care assistance: schedule regular or occasional visits from Karma Care to safeguard their health and yours
  • Relatives such as adult children who are concerned but can’t be physically present find our personal care services to be a valuable resource to ensure that their loved ones are healthy and happy. Regular check-ins with the Karma Care manager provide opportunities to assess, evaluate, and make service changes to meet evolving needs.

Choose Karma Care for elderly care and personal care services in Virginia.

Karma Care’s nurturing caregivers provide discreet and respectful at-home personal care services for clients in a variety of health conditions and living situations with high levels of care including medical care and long-term care. Whether a client requires help with physical needs (such as bathing, toileting/incontinence, dressing, feeding, oral hygiene, or mobility assistance) or mental or emotional needs (companionship, planning, or co-creating and maintaining routines), they can be assured that our professional and dedicated family caregivers will perform these services with the utmost respect, empathy, and dignity for your peace of mind. We are a care organization that will help seniors with elder care and life care.

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