Home Health Care Services in Fairfax, Virginia

Home Health Care in Fairfax, VA

Karma Care’s home health care team serves Fairfax, Virginia, residents with meaningful and compassionate human connection and personal assistance.

Karma Care’s specialized in-home care services for seniors and those living with chronic health conditions create safer, more fulfilling home environments, prolong independence, and reduce feelings of isolation.

Home Care Services in Fairfax

Personal Care

Karma Care helps with basic daily in-home health care needs to ensure the safety, comfort, and wellness of our clients in Fairfax, Virginia. This can include everything from feeding and dressing to assistance with walking and grooming. Our home caregivers listen to clients’ needs and preferences because they understand that bringing comfort and joy is our most important personal care service.

Skilled Nursing

To help monitor chronic health issues such as diabetes, respiratory conditions, and mobility challenges, a registered nurse can visit your home daily, weekly, or monthly to perform basic medical services such as checking glucose, taking blood pressure, assisting with oxygen-delivery devices, and supporting physical therapy goals. As part of the client’s medical team, our skilled nurses can alert the client’s physician about abnormal readings or symptoms. Our senior home care in Fairfax, Virginia, is life-affirming: we are accountable, responsible, and respectful.

Respite Care

While providing care for a spouse, family member, parent, or loved one is fulfilling, caregivers need breaks for self-nourishment and to prevent burnout. Our Fairfax home-care assistance team can take over the caregiving for hours, days, or weeks so that families can relax and recharge, knowing that their loved one is in good hands. Our quality, continuous care ensures your loved one is safe and happy.

Recreational Activities

Engaging in leisure activities helps reduce stress, prevent loneliness, and improve cognitive function. Our in-home caregivers love to share enjoyable experiences with our Fairfax clients. Pursuing hobbies, playing games, exercising, and spending time in nature are some of the many recreational activities we can incorporate to ensure client happiness and improve physical health. For clients residing near Fairfax who are able to go on outings, our caregivers might suggest Ratcliffe Park, Van Dyck Park, or Fairfax Simply Social Coffee.

Medication Assistance

Organizing pillboxes, marking reminders on a calendar, and confirming that medication gets taken are all ways that our Fairfax in-home caregivers can help ensure clients take the correct medicines in the correct dosages at the correct times. Use our reliable and consistent attention to avoid medication errors and stay safely independent!

Household Help & Food Preparation

Proper nutrition and safe living conditions are high priorities for our at-home caregivers. We help with laundry, pet care, meal preparation, errands, and house cleaning. To help with meals, we can prepare ready-to-heat servings or simply do the trickier tasks like chopping and slicing fresh produce. Clients rely on us for pushing vacuums, dusting hard-to-reach places, and working with toxic chemicals to reduce their risk of falls and lung agitation. Our in-home caregivers understand the importance of reliable and friendly assistance in maintaining our clients’ independence. 

Special health conditions need special home care assistance.

If you or a loved one lives in Fairfax, Virginia, and you need assistance with any of these special health conditions, our at-home caregivers and nurses can help.


Whether you need assistance managing type 1 or type 2 diabetes, our at-home caregivers in Fairfax have the experience and knowledge to help monitor glucose levels, provide wound care observation and treatment, organize medication, and help plan diabetic-friendly meals to improve health and longevity.

Brain Conditions

Our assistance with house cleaning, medication management, and recreational activities help clients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and traumatic brain injuries to live more safe, happy lives. We can minimize stress by creating meal and medicine reminders. Taking clients into nature or listening to music with them can improve their moods. And we can handle challenging chores to help ensure their daily safety. With compassion as our guiding philosophy, our at-home caregivers do what’s needed to help your loved one remain independent and comfortable.

Movement Disorders

Clients with Parkinson’s, ALS, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and other movement challenges can benefit greatly and stay independent longer when our Fairfax in-home caregivers assist with their daily routines. We can help with exercises, meal preparation and feeding, and mobility and transfer support so that clients can feel productive. With our support, clients can often return to hobbies and activities they enjoy. 

Respiratory Conditions

Clients with pulmonary conditions such as COPD, emphysema, or asthma may feel more lonely because their physical activities and outings are limited. While assisting with oxygen tanks, errands, and house cleaning that involves dust or fumes, our at-home caregivers also bring joy and empathy. We like to cook, play games, watch movies, and read with clients so their lives are more fun and fulfilling.

Depression & Anxiety

Our at-home care team in Fairfax, Virginia, is committed to fostering an environment that helps clients experience joy, purpose, and dignity. We engage in actions and dialogue to help elevate the moods of our discontent clients. Their depression and anxiety are easier to manage when we help with meal preparation, personal grooming, household chores, and recreational activities.

Why choose Karma Care? 

Caregiving is more than just providing home health care. It’s about developing a respectful bond, nurturing a unique friendship, and being fully present during every visit. We help our Fairfax, VA clients maintain inner strength, independence, safety, contentment, and dignity.

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